Welcome to the WHGAA

The Windmill Hill Garden and Allotment Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation established on the 12th April 1976 by allotment holders in West Bletchley for their mutual benefit and which welcomes all leisure gardeners.

Our main activity is to bulk-buy a wide range of gardening items like plant-seeds, composts and fertilisers etc., to sell back to our Members at reduced rates.

We can be contacted via email at info@whgaa.org

Join now before the busy spring period.

From Saturday, 28th January 2017, we will have on sale to Members a selection of 30 Seed Potato varieties, which will include some of the popular Albert Bartlett varieties. On the 28th January, Members will also be able to buy onion and shallot sets and garlic bulbs.
We have good stocks of other seasonal gardening items including an extensive range of bagged and packet vegetable and flower seeds and grass and green manure seed. In addition to our usual reduced prices, Members also enjoy a further 33% discount off the marked packet price of our packet seed range.
There is an excellent selection of potting and multipurpose composts: gro-bags: manures in bags and tubs: spring and summer lawn fertilisers: vegetable and bedding plant and hardy plant fertilisers.
We have Mainframe, bubble film, fleece, netting, sheeting, cloches and cloche hoops. Rootrainers, seed trays, plant pots: timber stakes and other plant support items: ties, string, twine, garden wire and the Gripple Trellis System.
Have some digging to do? We have some Clay Breaker.

We also have at the moment, a selection of potted fruit plants.


To join the Association visit The Hut - please see next page.

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