Monthly Tips

Monthly Jobs / Tips


It will soon be warm enough to treat the lawn to some Spring and Summer fertiliser and selective weedkillers if required. With the weeds growth about to flourish it will be a good time to apply weedkillers to non crop areas.

As the sun gets warmer Ants are now becoming a nuisance in some homes. We stock 4 Ant Killers.

Construct netting and other support structures now over or around plants which will bear fruit needing protecting from birds. Much easier to do it now before the plant growth spurt and the formation of the fruit.

We have MainFrame, Flexi Balls and a rage of Bamboo Canes of different lengths. We also have a range of support wire and the Gripple Trellis System.

Harvest Time, an excess of runner beans courgettes, marrows and a promise to yourself not to grow so many next year. Until next year comes that is. If you have an excess, after sharing with your neighbours to an extent where they hide behind the curtains if they see you coming, consider freezing them or making runner bean chutney