Our Products

The products we stock cover a wide range which include:

Flower and vegetable seeds. Grass seed mixtures and green manures. Onion and shallot sets. Garlic bulbs. Flowering bulbs and seed potatoes.

Every year we try to add as many flower and vegetable seeds that are new to the range available from Kings Seeds. All of our seed packets are offered to members at a generous discounted price off the retail price.

We also offer Grass seed which we bag into different sizes suitable for small or large lawn repair.

To improve your plots we stock a range of Green Manures which can be planted, left to grow and then simply dig into the soil.

We stock an extensive variety of gardening items including composts , fertilisers, plant pots, seed and gravel  trays, propagators and grow bags.

Crop protection sheeting, fleece and netting, ground cover, ground mulch.
Bamboo canes, fruit and vegetable cages, tree stakes and ties etc.
Garden hand tool, watering cans, trugs and other accessories including bird seed, food and feeders.

Greenhouse items including bubble wrap and clips, glass retention clips, shading, plant halos and thermometers.